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Terms and Conditions

Debt Collection Contingency Rates

  • 15% Business/Commercial accounts less than 180 days from date of oldest invoice.
  • 20% Business/Commercial accounts less than 1 year from date of oldest invoice.
  • 25% Business/Commercial accounts less than 2 years from date of oldest invoice.
  • 30% Business/Commercial accounts exceeding 2 years from date of oldest invoice.
  • 25% Individual/Consumer accounts, less than 2 years from date of oldest invoice.
These rates are negotiable for placements of larger volumes and higher balances.

Debt Collection Terms and Conditions


1. By executing this Collection Agreement and Submitting claims on-line, via fax, or via Email; CLIENT authorizes Fidelity Financial Services (FFS) to perform debt collection services according to these rates and terms and conditions on all accounts placed for collection, including credit bureau reporting. Rates are for accounts not previously placed with another agency.


2. This agreement shall become effective upon submission of account(s), and shall last for a term of twelve (12) months. HOWEVER, either party may cancel this agreement at anytime with a thirty (30) days written notice. In the event that payments are received within 2 months, by either party, after the account has been closed or returned, FFS shall receive their commission.


3. Upon placement of a claim(s), where a Debtor owes funds to CLIENT, FFS will use its best efforts to expeditiously collect the claim(s) on behalf of CLIENT. FFS agrees to charge a commission only on funds actually paid by the Debtor to FFS or the Client and not the actual amount owed, subject to the provisions of paragraphs below.


4. CLIENT warrants the validity, amount and authenticity of all claims and accounts placed with FFS for collection. Upon request by FFS, CLIENT agrees to forward documentation to FFS to prove the amount, and authenticity of the claim when requested.


5. FFS shall notify CLIENT of any settlement offers received by FFS and no settlement offer shall be accepted by FFS without CLIENT’S expressed consent.


6. CLIENT shall report all direct payments made by Debtor to CLIENT within three (5) business days of receipt of payment by CLIENT, and the commission due FFS on the direct payment shall be remitted to FFS within (30) days.


7. Any merchandise returned to CLIENT by Debtor after initial contact by FFS shall entitle FFS to a commission equal to 10% of the actual invoiced amount when equipment was purchased.


8. Any claim placed with FFS by CLIENT that is discovered to have been previously paid by Debtor or placed by CLIENT error will be billed by FFS to Client at a rate of 10% of the claim as an administrative fee for services rendered.


9. CLIENT grants to FFS express authority to endorse and negotiate any check, draft or other negotiable instrument made payable to CLIENT for deposit in trust for distribution to CLIENT after deducting the commission and fees due FFS under this agreement.


10. FFS shall account to CLIENT all funds collected by FFS on CLIENT’S behalf and all remittances and/or invoices will be sent on a monthly basis.


11. In no event shall FFS be liable in any respect for the inability to collect any account placed with FFS by CLIENT for collection. It is understood and agreed that FFS is not a guarantor of any specific result on accounts placed by CLIENT.


12. FFS agrees and shall hold harmless CLIENT from any claim, demand, action, cost or judgment, including a reasonable attorney’s fee arising out of any action done or failing to be done by FFS in connection with the collection of any claim(s) placed with FFS by CLIENT for collection.


Claims Not Accepted for Collection

  • Small claims court judgments.
  • Claims with no supporting documentation.
  • Claims against businesses that are no longer in business with no personal guarantee.
  • Other claims deemed unacceptable by Fidelity Financial Services.


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